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EyeGoBananas did it again!

Until this week, EyeGoBananas was an example of stand-out success in the street photography field.
Now, however, EGB finds himself at the center of the latest photo-manipulation scandal that has recently interested and threatened the street photography community globally. It really is a sad trend that has also compromised “big names”, such as Steve McCurry, Souvid Datta and Lenny Kravitz, among others.
They have to take their responsibilities for what they did.
As an exclusive for this website, here we go with some of the scandals’ pictures and related explanations (let’s say excuses) from the photographers.


1. Davide Albani 

The first thing I want to do is take responsibility” – Albani said during the interview.
I foolishly doctored images to win the big medaglie (awards, ndr)”.


2. Riccardo Cattaneo

I was trying to learn post-production techniques on YouTube“, Cattaneo says, “when I came across the work of Steve McCurry. I considered combining one of his images with my own as an experiment. The damning mistake came in uploading that image onto the wrong YouPorn category.

3. Michele Liberti

“I was discovering the technology of Photoshop for the first time – Liberti says – and the creation of something new excited me. It felt like an optimus result.


4. Giorgio Scalici

 “Around this time I bought my first flash and began exploring photography as a hobby. I didn’t know anything of photographic ethics or about the existance of a serious street photography industry. But I did come from a background of visual arts and I felt compelled to make images of my experiences in Palermo. In Palermo we do much worse stuff and no one cares about it.”


5. Giacomo Vesprini

For my own curiosity, i tried to recreate the picture I couldn’t make in reality, so I tried placing a girl into the shitty image i took near Porto San Giorgio.

6. Matteo Zannoni

My intention was not to profit from the inclusion of Jeff Mermelsteinís work, but rather to see what it might have looked like if I had somehow managed to persuade Jeff to participate. I was frustrated that I was not able to accomplish it and came back eating lampredotto with a sad face.

Clearly, what really emerges from this interview, is that photographers always try to justify themselves. In order to punish ourselves for our sins, we want to launch #dattagate…spread the word!