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“Much ado about nothing” this week since an article about voting the most influential streephers was released from a notorious blog. Nothing wrong with the “recommended” names on that list, but I was feeling that someone was still missing. The present article just want to suggest more influential street photographers that could – eventually, if they give us the permission to – join that list.

Please have a look, vote and tell me through the comments if I forgot someone.

Let’s start!


1.Mickey Mouse: 

Since he became a Rolleiflex endorser, Mickey started to make some very nice and expensive workshops everywhere in the world. Talented young boy, since he is only 28, we love is unique humoristic vision of the streets.


2. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary “The Queen”:

Hitting the street since a very long time, Mary, also called “The Queen” from the SP crowd, is without doubts one of the most expert streephers out there. We love her classic style and her gritty black and white images. She shoot, develop and print film in her own castle, and she never goes out without her vintage Leica.


3. Peppa Pig:

Peppa is a very talented girl with a unique eye. She started documenting and denouncing what happens to pigs in breeding farms and her work obviously won the World Press Photo 2012. Now she still strikes the street creating colourful and tasty images.


4. David “D” Beckham:

Very well know photographer, “D” never goes out without one of his vintage camera. He was one of the first “X”photographers in the world, and thanks to his incredible candid shots he made possible to sell lots of “X” cameras.


5. Peter Parker aka “SPider Man”:

Working as a full-time photoreporter for the “Front Line” newspaper, Peter is always hitting the streets. He is also know as SPider Man, where SP obviously means “Street Photography”.


6. Lenny Kravitz:

Here an example that show us that we can be everything we want to be. Full time singer, Lenny always take his shiny M with him. This lead to very nice shots of people shooting him, sometimes even in the streets.


7. Psyduck:

Last but not least, we have this japanese SP hero. He is famous for using a very simple point and shoot camera, and for his words “Make the camera your slave”. He wanders the street as a stray duck, always drunk, shooting only gritty b&w film.

This post originally appears on Giorgio’s personal blog. Take a look at this link to check this out!