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When a well photoshopped print was seen in an exhibition of  Master Steve McCurry, suddenly

the photographic world was divided in two groups: who defended him and who betrayed him.

Obviously, we are part of the first group – Steve’s lovers. With this article, we are trying to

defend his opera and to demonstrate that even iconic pictures that we already love would

be definetely a lot better with a good editing – maybe with a Steve McCurry editing.

Let’s start and judge with your eyes!


1. Nick Ut, Vietnam 1972

A lot of stuff going on in this picture. Kids are running, followed by soldiers, but we can't

understand why. With a giant Godzilla behind them, finally everything makes sense. Now the

picture works. They are just escaping from a giant monster who wants to eat them. Easy to



2. Elliott Erwitt, New York 1988

Here is a classic street photograph, taken by one of the most talented street photographer ever.

This pic was incredible in the 1980s and 1990s, but please don’t forget that now we are living

the 2000s, and bulldogs are no longer interesting. Now Pug is the Dog. Period. We added one

to make this picture still actual. Yes, probably we should have changed even those old-

fashioned slippers, but sorry, we aren’t photoshop-skilled enough.


3. Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gare de Saint-Lazare 1932

Everyone who loves street photography loves Henti Cartier-Bresson, and so we do. This picture

is probably one of the most famous pictures of the world. By the way, we always thought that

there was something that the pic didn’t need. Today we found it. It was that stupid man,

jumping with his shadow, that ruined the pic Henri was taking of the famous Gare. Without

that jump, everything is more balanced and clean, and we can focus on the man (or mouse?)

walking out there.


4. Robert Capa, Cordoba 1936 + Fred Morley, London 1940

Another war-related picture. This one was shot by Robert Capa, the most famous war

photographer ever. The original one is a quite good picture but we always believed that the left

side of the image was unbalanced. This is why we decided to put someone on the right. And we

decided to put a subject of a not-so good picture. So maybe two average pictures make an

outstanding one. You judge.


5. Robert Frank,New Orleans 1955

This shot is a very simple shot, from a great book that we love. What we didn’t like was that the

author, Mr. Frank, never appears in the whole book. We still can’t understand why. By the way,

we hope we solved that problem adding the new author, Mr McCurry, together with the subject

he shooted and edited. Probably we need to add some black women too.